Digital Marketing

It is the buzzword today. A creative digital marketing strategy sets your brand apart from the rest. Our team of ants helps to promote businesses across all platforms and verticals to put up your best face to your audience.

Digital Campaigns

We say no to all things boring. Our aim with digital campaigns is to solve a real problem that your customers face by highlighting a product or feature that bridges the gap between you and your audience. As a marketing team we are acutely aware of how long brand activations can take and how dragging the hours can seem till the moment of truth. Our omni-channel approach takes care of that problem.


Google Adwords Campaign

Outdoor advertising is still the most predominant form of With a plethora of parameters to choose from and fine tune, Google Ads offer super targeted and relevant paid search advertising results on the market, outperforming almost all of its competitors. We help you get to your target audience by managing quality score, click-through rate(CTR) and online conversion rate by regularly optimising and improving ad relevance and content on all your landing pages.

Account Based Marketing

Listen up all B2B enterprises, this one’s for you. The ultimate goal of a sales funnel is to close sales. Account based marketing is the highest delivery and returns generating B2B tactic to do that. We begin with identifying specific segments or target accounts and creating personalised messages for the group before delivering the campaign via the most suitable platform (email, website, events, etc.). ABM’s shorter sales cycle makes sure that you reach your target accounts without wasting any time or resources.



Want to appear higher up on search lists? Then make Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) your best friend. SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising(PPC) are direct marketing tactics which work on keyword analytics. Our analysts calibrate your website for on and off page SEO to achieve higher footfall, conversion and revenue. It makes everyone happy.

Amazon Marketing

If you’re into product driven business, look no further than Amazon Marketing Services(AMS) for greater visibility and customer engagement. We know that Amazon, alongwith Google rewards sales and clicks with higher product search rankings. Our campaign focuses on improving organic visibility, keywords and product display ads so that you generate better ROI and your product thrives in the Amazon Marketplace.


Digital Media Planning and Buying

Media buying involves strategic selection and placement of the best ads in the highest performing platforms to attract a huge customer base to your website. Although seemingly uncomplicated, ascertaining behavioural demographics, deciding on types of buys, budget allocation (the list never ends) is no child’s play. Which is why we deal with all the nitty-gritty details and let you have all the fun.

Mobile Marketing

Our technological team boosts native and hybrid mobile apps for Android and ios. We give full support for app development before promoting it to major app stores and marketplaces.