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Campaign Roundup - How brands celebrated Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day!

This year’s Mother’s Day is an unusual one. Most of us have had to resort to video calls to wish our special ones and feel closer home. But all the gloom and impending doom of our lives has not stopped brands from creating truly inspiring and sometimes tear-jerking campaigns, mostly shot within the confines of a home.

And of course, why shouldn’t it be? After all, mothers are….well, it’s quite hard to describe, in words, what mothers are to all of us. All I know is, although all of us share different kinds of equations with our mothers, the bottom line is, none of us can d...

5 Corporate Event Trends That Will Have it Big in 2020

Corporate meetups are places where exciting things happen. Brands are now so omnipresent in consumer lives, interacting with them every point of the way via shared online worlds that sometimes we think this is enough and fail to recognise the features that are unique to face-to-face communication.

This is why corporate events are critical to concretising connections between brands and their customers. And the crazy amount of creative stuff on offer in these events makes us go a little weak in the knees. In fact, event tech has developed so much that now there’s a whole new profession you coul...

A Comprehensive List of Tools for the Online Entrepreneur

Website Building


1. Squarespace

Fresh, sophisticated and bold typography with lots of white space. Squarespace has amazing features. The best thing is probably that it has absolutely no hidden costs. Create a stunning website with its range of breathtaking themes.

2. WordPress

Unlike most others, Wordpress is actually 100% free. More than 33% of websites all over this vast Internet is powered by Wordpress. That is no small feat, you must admit. It also serves as a content management system and you can literally build any type of website using this.

3. Wix

Highly customisable and requires no c...